About Lives of Sleep

We spend 22 years of our lives asleep. Here you will find the stories of those years ….

Photo by Prajwal Bajracharya on Pexels.com


    Why do some people sleep on the floor?

Why do some people walk in their sleep?

Can sleep link us to the moon and stars?

         Can a nightcap protect your brain?

                What stuff are dreams made of?

Where does your soul go when you sleep?

                                                   Is lettuce soporific?

We think of our lives as something that happens when we are awake, but sleep is just as eventful.

Sleep has inspired artists, photographers, fashion-designers, story-tellers, doctors and scientists. Here you can read the stories of our sleeping lives.

Find out how sleep is vital to our health, and how it shapes our homes and our relationships. Encounter sleep in fairytales, film, photography, art and science fiction. Watch videos from social media and find out about new books to read and places to visit.

Whether you are a curious browser on your own journey into sleep, or looking for inspiration for a project, I hope that you will enjoy Lives of Sleep. If you have any suggestions please get in touch via the contact page.